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HP FCA LPe1205A 8Gb Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter for BladeSystem c-Class

HP FCA LPe1205A 8Gb Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter for BladeSystem c-Class.

Kód produktu316371
Part number659818-B21
EAN produktu4948382915801
Záruka:12 Měsíc(ů)
Výrobce:Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Skladová dostupnost:Na dotaz
Běžná cena
28974 Kč
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21916.53 Kč
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26519 Kč
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20-port Fibre Channel Switch with 8 active ports and bundled with Simple SAN Connection Manager software, four 81Q PCI-e FC HBA, ten HP 8 Gbps Short Wave FC SFP+ (four dedicated to the HBAs), six 5m LC-LC multi-mode Fibre Channel cables (221692-B22), country-specific power cord, serial cable, licenses, rack mount kit, and docs.
NOTE: Additional optical transceivers listed below may be purchased separately

HP simplifies enterprise-class SANs for small and medium customers by combining state-of-the-art 8 Gbps Fibre Channel performance from your server to your storage with an end-to-end SAN management system. Your future is protected today with an infrastructure capable of supporting emerging technologies at today's 4 Gbps prices.

The HP StorageWorks 8Gb Simple SAN Connection portfolio makes installing your first SAN (or your hundredth) easy by automating every aspect of setup and configuration. An entire SAN may now be deployed in minutes - including switch, HBA and storage provisioning. SAN novices and seasoned experts alike will appreciate the simplicity and power of the included Simple SAN Connection Manager software. It works seamlessly with both HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Arrays (EVA) and HP StorageWorks Modular Storage Array (MSA) storage systems, HP 81Q and 82Q PCI-e FC HBAs and the 8/20q Fibre Channel Switch to handle common cross-platform management and maintenance tasks quickly while masking underlying complexity. The fully-integrated dashboard, wizards and automated features give you a competitive advantage by allowing your IT professionals to accomplish more in less time.

The 8Gb Simple SAN Connection Kit consists of an enterprise-class eight-port 8 Gbps switch (upgradeable to 20 ports), four 81Q PCI-e FC HBAs, and the Windows-installable Simple SAN Connection Manager software - along with all the cables, 8 Gbps SFPs and easy-to-follow documentation you need to get started immediately. Each hardware component, including the switch and HBAs, may also be purchased separately.

The 8Gb Simple SAN Connection portfolio offers enterprise-class functionality and value. Cost-saving features such as 8 Gbps Inter-Switch Links (ISLs) reduce the number of cables and SFPs required, while providing a reliable SAN environment that can scale rapidly to meet new capacity and capability requirements as your business grows.